Who was Friedrich Koening? The father of high-speed printing

Who was Friedrich Koening? The father of high-speed printing

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Friedrich Gottlob Koening was a German inventor famous for being the creator, along with Andreas Bauer, of the high speed steam printing press.

This innovation was the greatest evolution of the printing press since Gutenberg, making it on an industrial scale by allowing printing up to 1,100 sheets per hour on two sides.

Born April 17, 1774 and moved to London in 1804. There, in 1810, he obtained a patent for his steam press, which he tested for the first time in April 1812 on a number of potential customers, including John walter, from The Times newspaper.

The test was a success and The Times acquired them, publishing its first issue with the new presses on November 29, 1814.

Due to differences with his partner in a London printing company, Thomas bensley, returned in August 1817 to Germany, where he settled with Bauer in an abandoned monastery in Würzburg founding the company Koenig & Bauer.

Koenig & Bauer is still in operation, being the oldest active printing press manufacturer in the world.

Koening passed away in Würzburg on January 17, 1833.

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