The restoration of the Macha flag, raised by Manuel Belgrano in 1813, concludes

The restoration of the Macha flag, raised by Manuel Belgrano in 1813, concludes

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Experts restaurateurs from Argentina and Bolivia are about to conclude the restoration of the Macha flag, a historical symbol found in the Casa de la Libertad, in the city of Sucre (Capital of the Plurinational State of Bolivia). The work will be delivered this August 22.

The restoration is possible, according to a note from the Argentine Embassy in Bolivia, thanks to the Argentine fund for South-South cooperation.

It is a flag of three horizontal stripes whose color arrangement is white, light blue and white.

Tell the story that General Manuel Belgrano raised this flag for the first time on the banks of the Paraná River (Argentina) in 1813, with the conviction of the need to have their own flag taking the colors of the cockade, being that until then the troops of the provinces of the Río de La Plata had fought with the enemy's flag.

With the brand new banner, Belgrano led the Army of the North in the Battle of Salta in a great triumph for the troops of the River Plate and Upper Peru, but after suffering a defeat at Vilcapugio, Belgrano reorganizes the National Army in the Bolivian town of Macha, in the department of Potosí, to face the royalist troops in Ayohuma.

Summary of tasks carried out in the second stage of work:

  • Update of the state of conservation of the flag documented in 2012. (Lic Patricia Lissa).
  • Color tests of the protection tulle for future consolidation.
  • Fiber sampling for laboratory analysis.
  • Flag color measurement by comparison with Pantone Home and Fashion charts.
  • Silk dyeing tests (ivory and light blue), with acid dyes, for consolidation support.
  • Transfer of the flag to the display case in the permanent exhibition room. The piece will be exhibited until the next stage of the project, which includes the start of direct intervention on the piece.

Historical background of the Macha flag

The Macha flag, is a Argentine flag dating from 1812, and which is exhibited in the Casa de la Libertad in the city of Sucre. The same It is contemporary of the homonymous one that is exhibited in the National Historical Museum in Buenos Aires, and that it was returned by Bolivia to the Argentine Republic in 1896 since both Flags were found in Macha, Bolivia.

Via: Consulate of Bolivia in Rosario

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