Dinosaurs: Brachyceratops, Montana's short-horned face

Dinosaurs: Brachyceratops, Montana's short-horned face

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Brachyceratops fact sheet

Translation: «short horned face»
Description: herbivore, quadruped
Order: Ornithischia
Suborder: Marginocephalia
Infraorder: Ceratopsia
Microorder: Neoceratopsia
Family: Ceratopsidae
Height: 1.55 meters
Length: 1.8 meters (young specimens)
Weight: 800 kg
Period: Upper Cretaceous

Information about the Brachyceratops is known primarily from young specimens discovered in Montana, where its horns (short) and their ruffles were half developedAlthough the complete skeleton was not found, it was not possible to make comparisons of its frill with those of other ceratopsids.

In the same excavation a adult ceratopsid, which indicates that the young specimens were part of a family unit.

Image: Stock Photos, by Linda Bucklin on Shutterstock

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