Monday of coffee and Caliphate poetry in Córdoba with Martin Romero

Monday of coffee and Caliphate poetry in Córdoba with Martin Romero

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There was a time when Córdoba gave birth to the best poets and absolutely the entire city was infected with a golden age of verse, where vates competed to compose the most subtle verses.

And, although many may be surprised, we talk about the caliphal era, of which we have been left with great names reflected in the streets, avenues and roundabouts of the Cordovan capital.

But beyond that some Cordoba can indicate an address to a clueless tourist ...How much do we know about Ibn Zaydun, Wallada, Muhya bint al-Tayyani or Ibn Quzman?

Maybe because in the 10th century, Andalusian Arabic was the language of the poets of Al-Andalus the distances increase to the point of oblivion, and there are few who today can recite, even a verse, of which in the past there were no Cordobes who did not know them by heart.

Some of these verses ended up being part of ‘Arabian Nights‘; Likewise It was in Andalusia where Zejel was born, a poetic genre that currently and in its Lebanese version it is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and that in its format you can still find declaimers in North Africa and the Middle East narrating the loves and heartbreaks between the two Cordovan poets and lovers: Ibn Zaydun Y Wallada.

One wonders how these compositions have traveled so far and yet they have poorly reached our classrooms.

Martin Romero, one of the new Cordoba poets, wants to bring all this temporal and idiomatic distance closer to his fellow citizens in particular and to all those who dare to enter the world of Arabic poetry in general.

One Monday a month in different cafes in Córdoba talks will be given in an attempt to initiate a deeper reunion with the poetry books created by the inhabitants of Qurṭuba ten centuries ago.

In these meetings there will be exciting talks by various speakers around Andalusian medieval poetry, as well as small workshops will be given to create zéjeles and recall the brightest period of Andalusian poetry.

You can see the next appointments in the Martin Romero's website, or on your Instagram account.

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