Explorers tour the ‘island of the dead’ where more than 160,000 people died during the black plague outbreak

Explorers tour the ‘island of the dead’ where more than 160,000 people died during the black plague outbreak

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"It was creepy," they said after visiting the Italian island where those infected by the Black Death were confined.

British explorers Matt Nadin and Andy Thompson shared a video of their tour of Poveglia Island in Italy. It is the site to which those infected by the Black Death were transferred in the 14th century, and where a mass grave was found in which there would be remains of160,000 corpses.

Known as the 'Island of the dead‘, The place was shown by the adventurers who filmed the abandoned and deteriorated buildings, in which beds, bathtubs and various containers that would have been used forburn the bodies and thus prevent the spread of the disease.

"It was really creepy," said Nadin, adding, "You really have an idea of ​​the horrors that happened there as you walked." "Theythey burned the bodies and left them where they were.

The island has never been properly cleaned, so everything has remained as is, "continued his story.

The video of the tour of the island located between Venice and Lido was published on the YouTube page Finders Beepers History Seekers and there you can see the facilities, including an asylum and there you can see the facilities that over time were used as an asylum.

“Later, when it became an asylum, because people were pushed there out of the way of prying eyes, they began to doexperiments with them, horrible, horrible things, “he described.

"The whole place was really strange and creepy, although you could tell from the tiles and arches that it would have been a beautiful building originally," Nadin explained, before stating that you can tell that nobody was on the island for years "because a graffiti or anything, everything is natural decomposition ».

The images also show what was a psychiatric hospital in which experiments were carried out, such aslobotomies, during the 1920s. There, even a doctor committed suicide by throwing himself from the bell tower.

Finally, Nadin commented that "nature has taken over everything" and that the scene presented by the island is "typical of a horror movie." "Definitely an experience that I will not quickly forget," he concluded.

Video: The Black Death